Tuesday, October 19, 2010

All About me, Jodi, and the birth of Vineyard Walls & Design

          Designing Accent Walls has become my obsession. Did you know? The original purpose of wainscoting was to protect walls. Because it is made of wood and typically stained and sealed, it is easier to clean than painted walls. Additionally, it lasts longer than wallpaper and paint because it is made of a more solid material. Have you ever watched old movies just to check out the beautiful woodworking. I do. It seems like all the homes back then had some degree of woodworking which would invariably add character and charm to their surroundings. About eight years ago I designed then installed wood panels in my first home (pictures below) and created the monster inside me.  There is  a notebook next to my bed as I continually wake up with designs and new design ideas and cannot sleep until I write or draw them out.

       I have always been a wanna-be girly girl. I have been resentful to my husband who is a self-proclaimed pencil pusher, who I felt,  put me in the position to wear the "fix-it" pants in our family. In my eyes, fixing things and using tools was far from feminine. I admit I've begrudgingly studied and learned my way around different tools and looking back I'm so happy my husband is an office kind of guy. I have learned so many cool things about tools and wood to add to my interior design skills and here I am.  I have used all of the hand tools I've had access to with many different kinds of wood available to me in my attempt to execute my ideas.  I have also been able to create designs suitable for cabinetry, walls, moldings, mantels, shutters, doors, existing furniture, or framed wall art, etc. For added design, depth, texture, and dimension. I believe in good quality craftsmanship in addition to skillfully applied paint, stain, and glaze for a perfect look.

        A well-designed home inspires imagination, education, character, and achievement. They reflect individual tastes, values, and personalities. The saying "the bigger the better" seems to be the trend in all of the  new homes being built around us. Most of these homes have similar characteristics and usually feel spacious, cold, and generic to me. However, have you ever noticed how you feel when you walk into a well designed home or room—you can actually feel a difference deep down just upon entering. Things feel cozy, peaceful, and warm. No matter how big or small the house.  My goal is to help make woodworking affordable to anyone not just the wealthy. I regret not documenting my work over the years but in this book I can share a few of my recent projects. These examples are just a small portion of what I am capable of and am willing to entertain any design challenge or idea you might have.

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